Our dynamic difference

Anyone can deliver tools and technology. Dynamic Financial Planning connects you and your clients to the forces shaping the future of advice, and that leads to limitless possibilities.

Dynamic Financial Planning

Every client is unique, and their experience should be customized to their needs and objectives.

What sets Dynamic Financial Planning (DFP) apart from other technology platforms is that it’s built on a culture of planning, expertise, live training, support and seamless integration. You can digitize the way you engage with your clients throughout the financial planning process with integrated, highly specialized technology, support and resources. For added value and support for you and your clients, DFP will empower you to:

  • Differentiate yourself by creating an immersive experience that fits in with your client’s digital expectations
  • Interact and collaborate with your clients in real-time
  • Access the intellectual capital of Lincoln’s broad base of financial planning expertise
  • Leverage best practice case studies, pre-built plan presentations, and tailored capital market assumptions

Your expertise, our shared culture, converged with technology

We put a real emphasis on empowering a financial planning culture for our financial professionals, delivering technology, tools and support services – three capabilities that enhance your day-to-day experience and your ability to provide the best client service.

  • Numbers you can count on

    Our National Planning Team, staffed with experienced, credentialed professionals with years of experience, is one of the largest networks in the industry.

    Expertise across every discipline

  • Start thriving

    DFP is a collection of essential tools, processes and people all working in concert to make your practice unique for the clients you serve.

    Learn how our culture enables you to thrive

  • Limitless opportunities

    Learn how DFP provides deeper engagement for you and your clients.

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