The Big Picture Advisor podcast

Today’s financial professionals have so much on their plates. From clients to HR, operations, marketing and so on – how can anyone effectively balance it all?

The Big Picture Advisor is a modern take on connecting financial professionals to industry specialists, as well as other successful advisors to share best practices, insights and new ways to grow in this instant-gratification economy we now live in.

The Big Picture Advisor is hosted by VP of Marketing Tara Harkins at Lincoln Financial Network (LFN). Join us every three weeks to hear “From the desk of” rotating guests, including industry specialists, motivational speakers, executives and thought leaders.

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Episode 21 – From the desk of: Elizabeth Liechty, Partner at Charter Financial Group

Paving the way

In honor of Women’s History Month, Elizabeth candidly shares her experiences as a woman in the financial services industry and what she’s learned on her journey.

CRN 3480068-030521

Episode 20 – From the desk of: Jon Elfin, CRPC®, MBA, Partner at Open Advisors

Planning for special needs

Jon shares his personal story and offers his perspective on how to navigate the special needs planning landscape.

CRN 3421793-012521

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Episode 19 – From the desk of: David Fisher, professional speaker, best-selling author and LinkedIn influencer

Networking is a mindset

David explains how financial professionals can practice mindfulness to drive business growth and offers tips for networking virtually.

CRN 3374725-121720

Episode 18 – From the desk of: Tim Seifert, SVP and Head of Annuity Sales at Lincoln Financial Distributors

Empathize, listen and ask

Tim encourages financial professionals to practice empathy with clients and go after the greenlight moments.

CRN 3366121-121020

Episode 17 – From the desk of: Scott Stratten, Founder of UnMarketing and award-winning keynote speaker

Stop marketing and start engaging

Scott dives into the power of authenticity and community to build relationships in today’s digital world.

CRN 3316753-110420

Episode 16 – From the desk of: Brian Gracie, CLU®, ChFC®, REBC®, Founder and Managing Partner of Heritage Financial Consultants

Giving back with purpose

Brian explains the power of purposeful wealth sharing.

CRN 3334527-111720

Episode 15 – From the desk of: Eric Bailey, founder and CEO of Bailey Wealth Advisors

Opportunities to close the wealth gap in non-traditional markets

Eric discusses trends and opportunities that are shifting conversations in the financial services industry today.

CRN 3289840-101920

Episode 14 – From the desk of: LFN Investment Strategy Group

Markets in an election year

Tim Johnson, John Schatz and Wiley Moody remind financial professionals that politics do not drive economics.

CRN 3242402-091520

Episode 13 – From the desk of: Jay Baer, Inspirational Marketing and Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

Brand is everything

Jay shares three strategies to create meaningful client conversations and drive brand loyalty.

CRN 2940636-020520

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Episode 12 – From the desk of: Erika Whyte, AVP of Diversity & Inclusion at Lincoln Financial Group

Be an agent of change

Erika Whyte explains the importance of education, awareness of bias, and conversation to inspire action.

CRN 3168338-072020

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Episode 11 – From the desk of: Laura Stack, Productivity Pro

Cutting through the noise

Laura challenges financial professionals to rethink the concept of multitasking and unlearn bad habits to stay focused.

CRN 2949643-021220

Episode 10 – From the desk of: Angela Ribuffo, President & Financial Advisor at Raion Financial Strategies

Finding your personal intention

Angie shares her heartfelt story of authenticity and overcoming professional and personal obstacles as a woman in the financial services industry.

CRN 3121811-061020

Episode 9 – From the desk of: Peter Sheahan, innovative business thinker and thought-leader

Accelerate growth by embracing change

5 aspiring traits for financial professionals

CRN 3117519-060820

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Episode 8 – From the desk of: Rob Miller, Managing Principal at Frontier Asset Management

Bringing clarity to clients’ finances

Rob discusses how to communicate and build trust by speaking to clients in terms they understand and avoiding industry jargon.

CRN 3055150-042220

Episode 7 – From the desk of: Jim Martin, founder of D4D Strategic Consulting Group, and Logan Waters, principal of Waters Wealth Consultants

Planning for a successful succession

Jim and Logan share their recent succession stories and lessons learned in the process.

CRN 2973334-022820

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Episode 6 – From the desk of: Caragh Fahy, Owner and President of Madison Financial Planning Group

How to adapt to the new normal

Caragh shares her professional and personal perspective on embracing the new normal.

CRN 3036265-040920

Episode 5 – From the desk of: Jay Baer, Inspirational Marketing and Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

Client experience is your only differentiator

Given the recent market uncertainty, client attention matters more than ever.

CRN 3006917-032320

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Episode 4 – From the desk of: Bob Appel, Vice President of National Design/Advanced Planning

Tax season: a holistic outlook

Tune in to this bonus episode to find out what’s most important to consider this tax season.

CRN 2974310-022820

Episode 3 – From the desk of: Peter Sheahan, Innovative Business Thinker and Thought Leader

The art of saying yes and no to grow

Peter Sheahan discusses self-imposed limitations to advisor growth and how to overcome them.

CRN 2971047-022720

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Episode 2 – From the desk of: Dustin Garis, Chief Troublemaker

Purpose, passion and life profit

Dustin Garis encourages financial professionals to embrace the concept of life profit in order to live more memorably.

CRN 2936467-020420

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Episode 1 – From the desk of: Laura Stack, Productivity Pro

Finding the right work-life balance

Laura Stack discusses how increasing productivity can help financial professionals focus their activities on high-value tasks that will drive maximum value to their businesses.

CRN 2897594-010820

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