Maintaining and enhancing brand loyalty

What makes clients loyal to your brand? Everything. From first impressions, to email responsiveness, to the menu of service offerings, your brand may already exist in your clients’ minds whether you realize it or not.

On episode 13 of The Big Picture Advisor podcast, we welcome back Jay Baer, inspirational marketing and customer experience keynote speaker, to hear his take on how financial professionals can strategically shape their brand and increase client loyalty:

1. Journey map relationships

The elements of a financial professional’s practice that are most-critical in order to drive client loyalty and to have meaning conversations stem from the depth of the relationship. But how can you build on some of those relationships if you’re only meeting with your clients a handful of times throughout the year? “Map out the totality of the relationship between the practice and the client over time,” Baer suggests. “Plot out very concretely on paper and determine with ease where those relationship peaks or valleys occur.”

2. Keep messaging consistent

“Financial professionals are fairly good at messaging and explaining what they can do, however they’re not good at consistently telling that message,” explains Baer. Consistency is key. Your website might display one message, while your social media marketing says another. When clients are considering a financial professional, there are a lot of potential touchpoints to defend the case of consistency. Word of mouth often plays a major role, so what story are your existing clients telling potential clients? What is the talk-trigger or differentiator that you use? After the word-of-mouth referral is exchanged, then the potential clients are probably going to your website. Does your website underscore the attributes that your word-of-mouth might dictate? What other digital presence do you have and what story are they telling? What are you doing from a proactive standpoint, such as involvement with your local community or even direct marketing? Ultimately, if you have inconsistent and infrequent messaging, the brand you’re trying to depict can create brand confusion for clients – especially for those you’re trying to win.

3. Relevancy

Financial professionals will often adopt marketing strategies such as keeping clients engaged through a newsletter, a monthly blog, or even via email. But the feedback from clients is that they don’t have time to read those newsletters or emails. The fact is, explains Baer, is that they do have time. The content that you have presented to them simply is not relevant enough to trade their time for this information. The content you’re sharing must engage your clients in some way – whether that is providing information they can’t get anywhere else or by entertaining them through a talk-trigger.

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About Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE

Jay Baer is an inspirational marketing, customer experience, and customer service keynote speaker. Jay is a Hall of Fame speaker and emcee, as well as a New York Times best-selling author of six books. He is an internet pioneer, a seventh-generation entrepreneur, and the founder of five, multi-million-dollar companies. Jay Baer is not affiliated with Lincoln National Corporation.

Episode 13 – From the desk of: Jay Baer, Inspirational Marketing and Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

Brand is everything

Jay shares three strategies to create meaningful client conversations and drive brand loyalty.

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