Purpose, passion and life profit

“Life is not the number of days you live, but the number of days you remember,” according to Dustin Garis, innovation leader and keynote speaker.

More often than not, our day-to-day activities and tasks become routine. Routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing though – for many, having consistency in your life can be the recipe for your success. Especially for financial professionals, where certainty is more reliable than uncertainty.

But how can we pinpoint that our routine is causing more harm than good? In the latest episode of The Big Picture Advisor podcast, Garis reveals that often the hardest thing to disrupt can be ourselves, our frame of mind, and our perspectives. Here are his actionable takeaways to live a more memorable life and positively impact others:

Understand the root-cause

We often find ourselves sticking to the same timeline, going to the same places, and following the same routines every day. These routines often morph into a cognitive auto-pilot, ultimately resulting in very few novel experiences. Garis explains that over time, a routine-based lifestyle can contribute to a lack of innovation or in extreme cases, unhappiness. His solution? Identify your daily routines and revolutionize them to make small life-experience improvements. For some, this could mean taking the scenic route to work instead of the highway. For others, this could translate to meeting with a client in the park instead of your office.

Embrace the concept of life profit

"Embracing the concept of life profit is really the next frontier for financial professionals." We all know the financial formula for profit; total revenue less expenses. But what Garis measures is his new definition of wealth – something he refers to as life profit. Life profit measures the incremental richness of a memorable experience.

These nuggets of memories are the life experiences we remember, and ultimately the stories we tell. With each memorable experience, there is real value gained – an added richness to life.

Identify pattern disruptions

Every day financial professionals should ask themselves, “What could I do to make today memorable?” If you disrupt your routine, your habits, your patterns of behavior enough, the discomfort of being out of your comfort zone can help you to see things in a new light. Because according to Garis, that's when we innovate; when we are taken out of the context of what we know, what we are familiar with and accustomed to, to someplace where everything is different. Each disrupted pattern is an opportunity to do something that might deviate from a particular norm, thereby adding a degree of richness to your life or those around you.

The reality is that we often put life profit secondary. But if financial professionals can identify, disrupt and innovate their day-to-day routines, they can holistically think about how to help their clients live a richer life, redefining wealth beyond the figures in their bank accounts.

For the complete episode and more tips from Dustin Garis, listen to episode 2 below.

Episode 2 – From the desk of: Dustin Garis, Chief Troublemaker

Purpose, passion and life profit

Dustin Garis encourages financial professionals to embrace the concept of life profit in order to live more memorably.

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