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Five habits of successful independent advisors

Now that we’ve entered into the New Year, it’s time to gear up your resolutions. At Lincoln Financial Network (LFN), we surveyed four independent advisors with four different business models to learn what daily habits make them successful as independent business owners.

Here are five resolution tips on building strong, successful habits to empower your expertise:

  1. Wake up early.
    Starting each day at 6:00 a.m. or earlier provides ample time to exercise, drink coffee, read the paper or collect your thoughts before leaving for your first appointment.
  2. Partner with others.
    Collaborate with those who share the same passion and commitment. Entrusting a well-organized and passionate administrative team or partnering with a business coach keeps you aligned with your goals, purpose and mission.
  3. Share information.
    The key to growing your practice is information sharing. Expand your network by getting involved with local committees, organizations, or community outreach to meet centers of influence and uncover marketing opportunities.  
  4. Keep learning and network.
    Both are powerful marketing tactics that contribute to a sustainable success path.
  5. Track your progress.
    Make a to-do list and track your momentum. Achieving your goals takes more than just good intentions. By taking action and systematically measuring your progress, you can accomplish what matters to you most. Whether that’s a personal or professional achievement, measurement will keep your goals on track.

For more details on how LFN advisors with four different business models made these tips work for them, read the report, 5 habits of successful independent advisors (PDF) .