How to penetrate the
foreign national market

There is a growing focus on the global High Net Worth (HNW) foreign national market and for good reason. For the first time in history, the Asia-Pacific region has surpassed North America as the wealthiest region in 20151.

A foreign national is a non-U.S. citizen with significant, legitimate interests in the U.S. Like anyone else, foreign nationals want protection and diversification for their assets. 

How to penetrate this market

  1. 1. Connect with your existing clients and see if they have friends or associates who qualify as foreign nationals.
  3. 2. Network with immigration and tax attorneys since they regularly work to obtain various kinds of visas for investors, workers and businesses.
  5. 3. Broaden your network to employees of multinational companies as well as employees and students of colleges and universities.
  7. 4. Connect with multicultural business communities and associations. Business that are owned and operated by foreign nationals and many multicultural associations regularly look for speakers to present on issues that affect their members.

Ready to think big? Download this infographic (PDF) and discover what opportunities exist in the foreign national market for your business.   

1 HNWI – high net worth individuals defined as having $1 million in assets

Source: CapGemini (accessed from Statista Charts on statista.com on Dec. 15, 2016)