YourPath SM custom target-date + risk portfolios

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A tailored approach to target-date offerings.

Unlike typical target-date mutual funds that offer a one-size fits-all approach, YourPathSM unitized custom portfolios allow you to develop multimanager target-date portfolios using funds in a plan's lineup. You can also tailor them to employee populations by offering different levels of risk and estimated retirement dates.

YourPathSM portfolios may be offered as the plan’s Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA). Additionally, plan sponsors have access to 3(38) fiduciary support by Morningstar Investment Management LLC.


Approaches to target-date investments


Morningstar Investment Management’s sample glide paths

These charts show sample glide paths developed by Morningstar Investment Management LLC. The glide path varies for each target-date + risk portfolio in the series. 


  • Conservative glide path
  • Moderate glide path
  • Growth glide path
YourPath Conservative Glide Path Image
YourPath Moderate Glide Path Image
YourPath Growth Glide Path Image



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For more information about Lincoln YourPathSM custom target-date + risk portfolios, contact your retirement plan representative.

YourPathSM portfolios are available as investment options in the Lincoln Alliance® program.

Through a single investment option, YourPathSM portfolios allow retirement plan participants to invest in a mix of mutual funds and other investments that correspond to a specific risk profile and investment time horizon that includes the year (target date) in which the participant expects to retire. The mix or asset allocation of funds or other investments making up the portfolio (and owned by the participant) will change over time, becoming less growth-oriented and more conservative.

Morningstar Investment Management creates the YourPathSM portfolios from the investment options made available by Lincoln. The portfolio lineups are subject to change. The investment options within the portfolio involve risk and will not always be profitable. Morningstar Investment Management does not guarantee that negative returns can or will be avoided. There is no guarantee that the portfolio will provide adequate income at and through your participants’ retirement. An investment made in an investment option may differ substantially from its historical performance and as a result, your plan participant may incur a loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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