Meet the Dawsons “The Diversifiers”

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“When it comes to saving for our future, we believe in staying balanced and keeping it simple.”

Susan and Jeremy have been married for 32 years. They live very busy lives, but try to find balance as much as possible. The same holds true for their approach to investing. Susan and Jeremy feel most comfortable when their plan is in balance. As they move toward retirement, Jeremy wants to keep building their savings, while Susan is thinking about protecting what they’ve already saved.

Their advisor recommends they consider seeking diversification through Lincoln Level Advantage® ​indexed variable annuity, which lets them choose the combination of opportunistic growth strategies with a level of protection that fits their joint needs and goals.

The Dawsons invest $100,000 in Lincoln Level Advantage® and allocate to a 6-year term option. Jeremy selects a mix of indices to track, and Susan likes the options for a 10% level of protection.


  Market Index Protection Level Allocation  
S&P 500® Index 10% 60% Dawson's Pie Chart
Russell 2000® Index 10% 30%
MSCI EAFE Index 10% 10%



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