Meet Gregory “The Investor”

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“It’s important for me to grow my investments so I can feel confident enough to transition into retirement. I also know that my portfolio doesn’t have as much time to bounce back if something happens in the market.”

Gregory is the president of an accounting firm he founded 32 years ago. His friends describe him as successful and determined, so it’s no surprise that he’s been saving with a strong focus on keeping his retirement plan on track.

Gregory wants to close the gap between his current savings and where he’d like to be when he retires, so growing his portfolio is a top priority. But as retirement gets closer, he understands he can’t take on the same level of risk as in the past.

Based on Gregory’s goals, his advisor recommends he consider Lincoln Level Advantage® indexed variable annuity because it offers investment strategies linked to the market for the growth potential he wants while allowing a level of protection to help guard against market losses.

Gregory invests $100,000 in Lincoln Level Advantage® and allocates to a 1-year term option so he’ll have flexibility to reinvest differently next year.


  Market Index Protection Level Allocation  
S&P 500® Index 10% 100% Paul Pie Chart



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