Meet James “The Saver"

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“My retirement is just around the corner. I’m not comfortable taking on a lot of risk and protecting my investments is my top focus.”

James has worked in Human Resources at the same company for the last 15 years. He’s worked hard to build his savings over the years. Although he's focused on protecting his assets, he knows he also needs to continue growing his money.

James worries that a market downturn could potentially take his retirement income plan off course. At the same time, he knows that staying invested in the market gives him the best chance to grow his investments.

Based on his income and investment goals, James’ advisor suggests he consider Lincoln Level Advantage® indexed variable annuity, which offers investment strategies with a risk tolerance that feels right for him.

James invests $100,000 in Lincoln Level Advantage® and allocates to a 6-year term option because he likes the 20% level of protection option combined with the exposure to well-known indices.


  Market Index Protection Level Allocation  
S&P 500® Index 20% 80% Pie Chart
Russell 2000® Index 20% 20%



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