Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA) offers brokerage account services through National Financial Services, LLC® (NFS) a well-known and highly respected clearing firm across the financial services industry. 

Wealthscape InvestorSM (NFS)

Use our secure internet site, Wealthscape Investor, to view your account data and the latest quotes and market statistics. The Markets and Research feature allows you to gather independent investment information, including company profiles, rankings and earnings, as well as view world indices and Exchange statistics.

Find the information you need — when you need it — by logging onto Wealthscape Investor and save the more complex aspects of your portfolio for discussion with your LFA representative.   

Effective May 10, 2018

Your security is important to us! To enhance your account security, we will be introducing two-factor authentication to Wealthscape Investor. When effective, you may be asked to authenticate your identity beyond a login ID and PW, such as by answering security questions or inputting a PIN. To prepare for this enhancement, you will be asked to provide at least one email address and one phone number when logging in to continue to access the platform. This information will only be used for security contact communications, such as sending you a one-time PIN to complete the login process.

A confirmation email from donotreply will be sent to the address provided when your contact information is added to or changed. The email will include the Broker-Dealer firm name, Lincoln Financial Advisors, which appears on your statements. It will not replace the email address being used for eDelivery.

If you have questions, please contact your advisor or call 1-800-237-3813. Thank you!

At no extra cost, you:

  • Have secure, 24/7 access to your account balances, positions and trade status.

  • Access useful research that includes market data and company profiles, rankings and earnings (Please Note: Research information is provided by independent sources considered reliable but not guaranteed by LFA.).

  • Reference your most recent tax documents.

  • Import eligible tax forms from Wealthscape Investor into TurboTax®.

  • Download Wealthscape Investor account data directly to Quicken® to integrate account information, monitor cash flow and track expenses.

  • Arrange online payments to virtually any business, merchant or individual for an additional fee (Please Note: This feature is not appropriate for use with retirement accounts.).

  • Take advantage of convenient, secure biometric authentication, which verifies a user’s identity via biological characteristics such as fingerprint, face or voice, on the Wealthscape Investor Mobile Application.

When you log in to your Wealthscape Investor account, you'll arrive at your Portfolio Summary landing page. There are easy-to-navigate menus on the right side of the page. Using your Accounts menu, you can see multiple views of the details of your accounts; you can even customize your views and drill down into more detailed information of positions within each account. The Market Overview page guides you to a five-day economic calendar and allows you to see an interactive World Overview map. You can also search by market symbol and access a variety of information including pricing, analyst ratings and news headlines. 

Reference Materials

Wealthscape Investor Brochure (PDF)

Access Wealthscape Investor by visiting  Wealthscape InvestorSM

New Wealthscape Investor users may self-register for access and an ID. To self-register as a new user, you must have the five following pieces of information:   

  1. Last four digits of your Social Security Number
  2. Date of birth
  3. First & Last name
  4. Account number1

1 You must be listed as an Account Holder on the account provided. Upon successful self-registration, all of your existing brokerage accounts will automatically be linked to your User ID. Some Premier Series accounts may not be automatically linked. Please check with your advisor.

Upon successful self-registration, your ID will be displayed on the screen. (Important: You should record your new ID before navigating away from the registration screen. IDs will not be automatically emailed to you after registration.)

Special Notes:

If your investment portfolio includes one or more Lincoln Premier Series accounts, or if your account is linked to a TIN or Institutional Name, please go here  to initiate the registration process. Unless your ID was established prior to October 7, 2013, any brokerage accounts opened in the future will automatically be linked to your User ID. Some Premier Series accounts may not be automatically linked. Please check with your advisor.

Current Wealthscape Investor users who wish to update their existing accounts (e.g. link new accounts to IDs established prior to October 7, 2013, or link new Premier Series accounts that did not automatically link to any IDs) or access may go here.

Password Reset

LFA is committed to the security of your account information. Wealthscape Investor allows you to change your password at any time. As an additional measure to help safeguard your confidential information, the system will require you to reset your password every 90 days. Wealthscape Investor will remind you when it is time to change your password beginning five days prior to expiration. When you receive this notification, please create a new password using the guidelines below:

  • Must range from eight to 12 characters.
  • Must be a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Must be changed every 90 days.
  • Cannot be the same as the User ID.
  • Cannot be consecutive digits, e.g., 123456.
  • Cannot be all the same number, e.g., 111111.

Users who have not refreshed their passwords within the 90-day period will be locked out on their next login attempt. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to reset your password before it expires to avoid any loss of system access. If your password expires before you update it, you can have it reset by calling 800-843-2007 during business hours. 

Bill Center

For an additional monthly cost, you can access Wealthscape Investor's Bill Center2 feature and arrange to make payments online to virtually any business, merchant or individual. Authorize when and how much you want to pay, even set automatic payments from your account.

Use Bill Pay to make online payments to any business, merchant or individual. You choose when and how much to pay and set automatic payments from your account. You can make up to 12 transactions per month at no charge with a 50-cent fee for each subsequent transaction.

Use Bill Management to select notifications of bills due, either by U.S. mail or online. The service includes online payment to anyone, up to 15 transactions per month, at no charge. There is a 50-cent fee for each subsequent transaction (presentment or payment). Basic brokerage accounts offer these same services with a $4.95 monthly fee for Bill Pay (up to 12 transactions; 50 cents for each subsequent transaction) and an additional $3 monthly fee, plus the Bill Pay fee (up to 15 transactions per month; 50-cent fee for each subsequent transaction).

You can view the Bill center demo  to learn more about this feature.

2Bill Center and Bill Management are not appropriate for use with retirement accounts or Lincoln Premier Manager accounts. System response times may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions and system performance, and instructions are transacted according to your agreement for using this website.


eDelivery is a service available through Wealthscape Investor that suppresses paper mailings of tax documents, statements, statement inserts, confirmations, confirming prospectuses, shareholder reports and proxies. Enroll and receive an email notifying you when these items are available for online viewing. If there is no monthly activity on the account, statement(s) will be generated quarterly.

Going Paperless

  • Reduces the risk of identity theft associated with sending sensitive financial data through the mail.
  • Provides access to your statements, confirmations and other documents as soon as they're available.
  • Cuts down on clutter and reduces the risk of misplacing important documents.
  • Puts you in control. You can download and print account statements and trade confirmations from virtually any computer at any time.

Enroll Today

Talk with your advisor about our Click to Agree streamlined process for enrolling in eDelivery. By clicking on an email invitation from Lincoln Financial Advisors, you will be enrolled in eDelivery within 24 hours. Or you may opt to:

  • Sign on to your account via Wealthscape Investor.
  • Select Service from the main navigation menu.
  • Select Document Delivery Instructions.
  • Make sure your email address is on file. If not, select Add E-Mail, follow the instructions and select Apply.
  • Choose which documents you'd like to receive electronically. If you want eDelivery of all of your documents, select Set all documents to electronic delivery, then select Save This Account.
  • Repeat the above steps for each account you wish to enroll in eDelivery.

Please Note: Once enrolled your online delivery will begin within 24-hours. eDelivery is available for brokerage and advisory (Lincoln Premier Series) accounts on the NFS Platform. For joint accounts, only one owner's email address will receive eDelivery alerts.

If an email is undeliverable, attempts to deliver the email continue every 90 minutes. After five attempts, an undeliverable email letter is sent to the account holder that same day. The letter notifies the account holder that a document is ready for online viewing, and requests the account holder to review and update the electronic delivery email address, if needed. After five undeliverable email letters for confirmations and/or three for statements, the eDelivery service is revoked and the account automatically reverts back to paper delivery.

If you are not currently a Wealthscape Investor user, you will need to sign up for Wealthscape Investor to be able to view your online account documents. Click here to register.

Mobile App

The free Wealthscape Investor mobile app enables you to access your brokerage account information on your smartphone or on the Apple® iPad®. Starting with a snapshot of the market on your smartphone home screen you will be able to tap to view your account positions, balances and transaction history. You also will have quick access to watch lists and market data that includes quotes, charts and news. Plus, now you have the ability to remotely deposit checks into your brokerage and managed accounts – quickly and securely – and view the status of your deposits from your device. You can access the Wealthscape Investor mobile app via:

  • iPhone® and iPad® downloaded from the Apple iTunes® Store under Wealthscape Investor.
  • Android® devices downloaded from the Google Play™ store under Wealthscape Investor.

As an added convenience to current Wealthscape Investor users, log in credentials for the mobile app are the same ID and password used to log in to the Wealthscape Investor website. However, password reset will not be available via the mobile offering. Current users will have to first log in and then acknowledge the user agreements.

To help you take advantage of the Remote Check Deposit feature on the Wealthscape InvestorSM Mobile App, use our step-by-step how-to guide for your first deposit. Click here to view frequently asked questions.

TurboTax® Support

You can import eligible tax forms from Wealthscape Investor into Turbotax. The forms eligible for import are: 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID and 1099-R. Availability of tax forms is subject to their production schedule each year. In order to take advantage of this feature you should log into  and enter your Wealthscape Investor ID and password.

On the TurboTax Welcome screen, select either Start Return or Continue Return. The TurboTax navigation bar appears. Please Note: If you have not used TurboTax in the past and no personal profile is available, TurboTax will prompt you to establish a Personal Info profile.

  • On the TurboTax navigation bar, select Federal Taxes. The Federal Taxes page appears.
  • Under the Income level, select Import Your Tax Info. The Your Income page appears.
  • Select National Financial from the list of financial institutions and then select Proceed with Import.
  • The Sign on screen appears. Enter your Wealthscape Investor ID and password and select Continue. The Tax Information screen appears displaying the tax information available to import.
  • Select only the accounts you want to include in the import process. Please Note: The tax information for brokerage accounts with trading authorization is also presented for import. TurboTax will only pull back the same accounts linked to each Wealthscape Investor ID entered into TurboTax.
  • Select Import Now to import the tax information into your tax returns. The Import Successful screen appears indicating the import process is completed. To cancel the process, select Skip Import.

Quicken® Support

You may also download your account information directly to Quicken. It's an easy way to integrate your account information. You'll be able to monitor your cash flow and track expenses by category such as meals, clothing and travel. If you would like to download brokerage account information into a third-party platform like Quicken, please contact the third-party vendor directly for support: Quicken support.

Supported Browsers and Operating Systems:

To ensure full functionality, Wealthscape Investor users are encouraged to utilize only supported browsers, operating systems and native applications to access the Wealthscape Investor and Wealthscape Investor Mobile platforms. Follow these simple steps to review the most up-to-date list:

Important Considerations: Older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with the new enhancements. Loss of platform functionality will occur if you continue to use older or unsupported browsers.  Compatibility Mode and Enterprise Mode settings should be turned off.