Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA) offers a variety of services to help meet your financial needs, from brokerage accounts to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Please click here to learn about each service in detail. Your LFA financial planner will help you determine which services are appropriate for you. Below is an overarching view of the services our firm provides. Your LFA planner can help you select brokerage product(s) appropriate for your individual needs.

Money management solutions

Your LFA planner can arrange the purchase of a wide range of securities in a brokerage account on a non-discretionary basis. These securities include mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), common and preferred stocks, corporate and municipal bonds, U.S. government bonds, zero coupon bonds, certificates of deposit and options. Moreover, your planner can help you manage your money over your lifetime and for generations to come.

Clearing firm

Our firm offers brokerage account services through National Financial Services, LLC®, a well-known clearing firm across the financial services industry. Our firm and other broker-dealers use clearing firms as custodians to hold clients' brokerage account assets, execute trades, provide customer confirmations and statements, and handle tax-related reporting activities. 

A Fidelity® Investments company, NFS provides brokerage account services for Brokerage Portfolio® Accounts, Brokerage Access® Accounts and Basic Brokerage Accounts. NFS also provides custodial services for IRAs, profit sharing plans, and money purchase plans. Online account access for brokerage accounts served by NFS is available through  Wealthscape InvestorSM .

  • Brokerage Portfolio® Account: Enables you to consolidate finances and manage assets from a single source. Thousands of publicly traded securities are available – including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and U.S. Treasuries. Reporting collects data from your Brokerage Portfolio Account as well as mutual fund companies, variable annuity, variable life insurance and advisory services products. Margin features allow you to leverage your purchasing power.1
  • Brokerage Access® Account: Integrates banking features (including checkwriting and an optional debit card) into a brokerage account. This account could save time and money by eliminating the need to maintain multiple accounts. Thousands of publicly traded securities are available –including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and U.S. Treasuries. Margin features are also available on the Brokerage Access account.1
  • Basic Account: This account offers the traditional benefits of a brokerage account but excludes additional services you may not require. It is designed for investors who wish to buy and sell a diversity of investment products and is available as a cash or margin account.1
  • IRAs: These accounts, offered by LFA through NFS, are designed to help you toward financial independence at retirement and preserve assets for future generations. Whether potential earnings are set up to grow tax-deferred or tax-free, your retirement savings enjoy the full benefit of tax-deferred growth potential.

1Margin trading entails considerable risk and is not suitable for all investors. If the market value of securities in a margin account declines, the investor may be required to deposit more money or securities to maintain the line of credit. Investment losses do not minimize the obligation of a margin account investor to repay a loan in full.