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Policy review

Meet Nina’s brother, Uncle Tommy. He and his late wife, Maria, purchased life insurance policies when they were first married.

Uncle Tommy was the beneficiary of Maria’s policy, and even though she passed away more than 15 years ago, he held onto his policy for sentimental value. Recently, his best friend, Joey, asked him how his policy was performing after years of low interest rates. Uncle Tommy didn’t know. So, Joey suggested that he meet with an advisor to review his policy.

Meet the rest of the family.

Time for a change

Clients marry, purchase homes, have children, retire and downsize. As their lives evolve, so do their responsibilities. When clients experience significant life changes, it’s smart to review their coverage to make sure their current policies are still right for them. An annual policy review can ensure that they have the life insurance coverage they need.

It may be time for a change. Our experts can help you review these policies and provide guidance on next steps.

Start a conversation

Begin by asking your clients the following questions:

  • Have you started your own business or had a significant career change?
  • Do you have a term policy approaching its conversion date expiration?
  • Have you had a change in your family or marital status? For example, have you purchased a new home or do you have a little one on the way? Does your policy still meet your needs?
The life insurance policy tune-up

Get the tools necessary to help ensure that your client’s policy is running smoothly.

Lincoln has a diverse portfolio of life insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of your clients:

Tools to use

These resources can help you conduct successful policy reviews:


Policy review - More than 33% of all American households would feel an adverse financial impact within one month after the death of a primary wage earner.