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Wealth transfer

Meet Aunt Sophie. She is very close to her sister, Angela, and never had any children of her own.

When her husband, Frank, passed away, she received a significant legacy because he always wanted Sophie to be financially secure. Aunt Sophie feels she shares some of the responsibility with Angela to make sure that her children, Sal, Tony and Mia, have a good life without having to worry about money.

Meet the rest of the family.

Plan to pass on more wealth tax-free

Do you have affluent clients with appreciating assets who are concerned about state inheritance or federal estate taxes? Perhaps you plan for clients who want to create a legacy, maintain control of their estate assets, or ensure that their family assets are divided equally among their children? In today’s tax environment, your clients can take advantage of the increased tax exemptions.

Start a conversation

Begin by asking your clients the following questions:

  • Have you thought about how you would like to pass on your legacy?
  • Do you want to maintain control of your estate assets?
  • When the estate tax exemption is reduced in 2026, will there be enough liquidity in your estate to pay taxes?
Paying a legacy forward

A wealth transfer discussion.


Help them accomplish their wealth transfer goals with these life insurance solutions:


Tools to use

Help your clients take charge of their legacies: