The advantages of planning for LTC before it’s needed

While advisors and clients agree on the need for long-term care planning, not nearly enough clients plan early for the risks of long-term care.  According to Lincoln research*:

Clients who postpone planning until an event triggers a conversation put their health and care risk. Having a conversation with clients when they are younger and healthier and especially before they need care, has many advantages. The most important being able to ensure that they are cared for according to their wishes. *

Nearly everyone benefits when the facts about long-term care are understood. There’s a planning strategy for each of your clients and they all begin with a conversation.

Clients who need to plan for long-term care are already in your book

Use these tools to simplify the planning process and help everyone plan. 

Flier: Who are your clients?

Flier: The long-term care conversation

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* Versta Research, “2017 LTC Marketing and Thought Leadership Research, Findings from Surveys of Advisors and Consumers,” Information presented here is from among those polled in our survey.

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