Privacy practices notice for employees, job applicants and other Lincoln financial professionals

The Lincoln Financial Group companies (collectively, Lincoln)* (including our affiliates and subsidiaries) sincerely appreciate your interest and service. Lincoln values the privacy and security of every employee, job applicant, former employee (including retirees), as well as our independent contractor, contingent worker, staff augmentation resource, insurance agents, registered representatives, and investment adviser representatives (insurance agents,registered representatives, investment advisor representatives collectively referred to as “Financial Professionals”). It is important to us that you understand how we handle your information. This Privacy Practices Notice (this “Notice”) describes our current privacy practices with respect to the information we collect from you in connection with your employment, independent contractor, or other affiliation relationship with us. While your relationship with us continues, we will update and send this Notice to you as required by law. Even after that relationship ends, we will continue to protect your personal information. You do not need to take any action because of this Notice, but you do have certain rights as described below.

If you have another relationship with us (for example, if you have enrolled for an employee benefit insured by Lincoln or its affiliates or applied for one of our products before or after your employment or independent contractor relationship with us), please be sure to review the privacy practices notice applicable to that relationship at

Information we may collect and use

In our capacity as an employer or business partner, we collect personal information about you. The type of personal information we collect depends on your responsibilities as an employee or independent contractor, citizenship, and location of service, and other factors, and may include the following:

  • Information from you: When you submit your applications to affiliate as a Financial Professional, resume, or job application, or other documents and forms, you give us information such as your telephone number and address, personal email address, birth date, emergency contact, and other biographical information; past or present employment information; certificates, licenses, and educational information; preferred language; photograph and other biometrics; beneficiary data; direct deposit and financial information; work eligibility and tax information, like your social security number, dependents, and marital status; and your ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation/gender identity, disability/health, military status, and other information to help us determine our obligations as your employer. We may have other personal details that you include in a resume or cover letter, that you provide in response to a public health crisis, natural disaster, or other emergency circumstances; that you submit during a personality assessment or a survey; that you choose to share with your manager or Lincoln business partner; that you disclose related to your skills or language proficiencies; or that you otherwise voluntarily provide to us. For our Financial Professionals, we also may collect and use information you provide to us about your clients, including their personal and financial information and information about their securities and other transactions, holdings, and accounts.

  • Information created during your relationship with Lincoln: As part of your employment or other affiliation arrangement with Lincoln, we create and collect information related to, as applicable to your relationship with Lincoln, your start/end date and job title, location of employment, your employee number, training records, compensation and benefits (including your Total Rewards), disciplinary actions, performance appraisals and measurements, grievances and investigations, personnel test results, career goals, Annual Incentive Plan information, building access data and photograph for your identification card, amount of business placed with Lincoln, information you save or input on Lincoln systems and software, and other information about your employment or other affiliation relationship with Lincoln.

  • Information from outside our family of companies: Depending on what role you serve or apply for with us, we may collect information from drug testing and consumer reporting agencies, such as a background or credit check. We may obtain information from you about your former employer or references in order to evaluate your qualifications. If you are referred to us by a current employee, recruiter, or someone else, we collect information about you from the referral source.

  • Information from our benefits partners: We may collect information about you from our partners that provide employee benefits. This information may include information about your dependents, additional biographic information (e.g., mobile phone number, email address), insurance enrollment information, 401(k) and social good contributions, insurance contracts, financial information, and medical information relating to your past, present or predicted future health.

How we use your personal information

We may share your personal information within our companies and with certain service providers. They use this information for recruiting, onboarding, employment referrals, and offboarding; employee administration (including payroll, tax, charitable activity, and benefits administration); business improvement, management, and planning; processing employee work-related claims (for example, insurance claims); accounting and auditing; conducting performance reviews and determining performance requirements; assessing qualifications for a particular job or task; employee relations; gathering evidence for investigations, disciplinary action or termination; complying with applicable law; education, training, mentoring, and development requirements; responding to a public health crisis, terrorism, geo-political activity, crime, natural disaster, or other emergency or emerging threat; and complying with health and safety obligations. Our service providers may or may not be affiliated with us. They include human resources vendors and financial service providers (for example, third-party administrators; broker-dealers; our own financial professionals; reinsurers and other financial services companies with whom we have agreements). Our service providers also include other companies and individuals (for example, consultants; vendors; and companies that perform marketing services on our behalf). Information we obtain from a report prepared by a service provider may be kept by the service provider and shared with other persons; however, we require our service providers to protect your personal information and to use or disclose it only for the work they are performing for us, or as permitted by law.

We may share information about you with benefits providers, regulatory authorities, law enforcement officials, and other non-affiliated or affiliated parties as permitted by law. In the event of a sale of all or part of our businesses, we may share your information as part of the sale. We do not sell your information to outside marketers who may want to offer you their own products and services; nor do we share information we receive about you from a consumer reporting agency. You do not need to take any action for this benefit.​

Security of information

We have an important responsibility to keep your information safe. We use safeguards to protect your information from unauthorized disclosure. Our employees are authorized to access your information when necessary for the employee’s job function or as part of a legal or regulatory matter. Employees who have access to your personal information are required to keep it confidential. Employees are required to complete privacy training annually.

Your rights regarding your personal information

Access:We want to make sure we have accurate information about you. You may access your information through our online web portals. For job applicants, you may access your information by logging in on our Careers site at . Employees may update their information on the Human Resources section of the intranet. Employees may also submit a request for information from Human Resources through the HR Service Center, by logging an AskHR Ticket or calling 866-922-6543. Former employees, Financial Professionals, and others may submit a request with us to access your information. State law may provide additional access rights, which you can access at or by calling 1‑877‑ASK‑LINC (1‑877‑275‑5462).

Accuracy of Information: If you feel the personal information we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you may amend the information in the same way you access your information, as described above. Although you may change your data, we may maintain such prior data about you. For information that cannot be changed through a self-service portal, you may submit a request with us to change your information. Your request must be in writing and must include the reason you are requesting the change. We will respond within 30 business days. If we make changes to your records as a result of your request, we will notify you in writing and we will send the updated information, at your request, to any person who may have received the information within the prior two years. If your requested change is denied, we will provide you with reasons for the denial. You may write to request the denial be reviewed. A copy of your request will be kept on file with your personal information so anyone reviewing your information in the future will be aware of your request.

Your state may provide for additional privacy protections under applicable laws. We will protect your information in accordance with these additional protections.

If you have questions about your personal information, please provide your full name, address and telephone number and either email your question to our Data Subject Access Request Team at or mail to:

Lincoln Financial Group
Attn: Corporate Privacy Office
1301 S. Harrison St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

*This information applies to the following Lincoln Financial Group companies:

First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company
Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Group Trust Company, Inc.
Lincoln Investment Advisors Corporation
Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York
Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston
Lincoln Retirement Services Company, LLC
Lincoln Variable Insurance Products Trust
The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation
Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation
LFA, Limited Liability Company