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Look at life insurance

With constant change becoming the new norm, clients are focused on protecting what matters most to them. But, they’re also looking for flexibility that will allow them to pivot easily through life’s twists and turns. One solution you can offer them is life insurance.

Life insurance offers a solid foundation of protection for your clients. Permanent life insurance policies also provide flexibility by offering a death benefit and cash value. The death benefit helps clients offer protection by providing money for their loved ones when they pass. The cash value allows clients to access funds they can use for whatever they need while they're still alive*. Variable universal life insurance and indexed universal life insurance are permanent protection options that could fit nicely into a number of your clients’ portfolios. 

VUL Insurance

Along with protection, variable universal life insurance (VUL) offers upside potential by investing in variable investment options or subaccounts. It offers your clients flexibility in premiums and death benefits. When clients are looking for guaranteed protection options; a policy built for couples focused on leaving a legacy; or growing cash value to supplement retirement income*, a VUL policy can help. 

IUL Insurance

Another option to consider for your clients is indexed universal life insurance (IUL). An IUL policy offers your clients financial protection, growth opportunities linked to market index performance and access to cash value*. If you have clients looking for death benefit protection for an extended period of time with growth potential, an accumulation IUL can help. And, if your clients are focused more on protection to create a legacy, a protection IUL may be what they’re looking for. 

Add a foundation of protection to your portfolio

Remember that a life insurance policy is not only a solution to help your clients protect what matters most to them – it’s a strategy they can use to diversify their portfolio and build cash value to access when they need it*. Help clients feel more prepared for whatever life has in store for them. 

*Loans and withdrawals reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit.

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About the author

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Andrew J. Bucklee is senior vice president and head of Life Insurance and Executive Benefits Distribution at Lincoln Financial Distributors, the wholesaling distribution organization for Lincoln Financial Group. In this role, Andrew is responsible for spearheading all aspects of strategy, partnership, client engagement and overall distribution of Lincoln’s broad portfolio of wealth transfer offerings. He joined Lincoln Financial Distributors in October 2009 as the national sales manager for Lincoln life insurance products in the Independent Planner distribution channel and assumed his current role in June 2010. Andrew came to Lincoln with more than 18 years of sales leadership experience. Prior to joining us, he served as national sales director of the Merrill Lynch Insurance Group, leading the offering of a wide range of insurance solutions to more than 17,000 financial advisors.

Andrew graduated from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, and has attained Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, and Chartered Life Underwriter designations.