Market volatility is a fact of life 

The losses it can bring don’t always have to be.

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Warren Buffett has a famous saying: “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1.” I know, investing is a bit more sophisticated than that, but he is right about how important it is to minimize investment loss.

Losses hurt more than gains help

No one wants to lose money. It’s not just losses that hurt, it’s the recovery that takes its toll. If a 10% loss is followed by a 10% gain, your client still carries a loss. They would actually need 11% to fully recover. And, as losses increase, your clients’ money needs to work even harder — just to break even.

Is time on your side?

Clients with decades to go until retirement have plenty of time to regain lost ground and potentially achieve more growth in their investment portfolio. But what about those nearing retirement or already retired? For clients with less time to recover, minimizing investment loss becomes even more important. Volatility could mean the difference between living comfortably and just scraping by. 

More than half of retirement age Americans experienced a negative impact to their investments and savings as a result of the pandemic, and many are rethinking their retirement plans altogether in light of 2020.*

While market downturns are a fact of life for investors, there are steps you can take to help your clients minimize these declines on their portfolio – and stay positioned for growth.

Protect and grow assets

 Shifting a portion of a client’s portfolio into a strategy designed to provide a level of protection during market downturns while keeping them positioned for growth goes a long way in helping them feel more confident about their retirement portfolio. Look for solutions that offer downside protection with growth potential linked to market indices, such as an indexed variable annuity.

Protect and generate income

For those concerned about running out of money in retirement or are worried swings in the market will bring change to their lifestyle, having a source of protected income helps them feel more confident about their retirement income plan. You can help these clients enjoy a smooth transition into retirement and feel less shaky about dips in the market. Solutions such as variable annuities with optional benefits provide predictable lifetime income that’s protected from market stumbles. 

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Timothy Seifert

Tim Seifert has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and serves as Senior Vice President and Head of Annuity Sales for Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. (LFD), the wholesaling distribution organization for Lincoln Financial Group. In his role as Head of Annuity Sales, Tim leads the Center of Sales Development. He is focused on fostering consultative partnerships between wholesalers and financial professionals as they work with clients to solidify their financial futures and build portfolios based on their specific needs.