Tools for a changing world

At a time when social distancing is the rule, we find ourselves adapting to a new work environment — likely a remote home office. Maybe even your kitchen table.

We’re adapting to different schedules and new technology. For some, the ways of doing business have changed entirely. But one thing remains the same. Clients look to you for guidance and reassurance. How are you helping them bring back feelings of control and feel optimistic about their financial future?

Now is the time for confidence

Even during this health and economic crisis, your clients’ primary needs and goals do not change. How you react to this period of uncertainty is crucial to help them maintain their confidence and realize their long-term plans. Our program, Building Confidence in Times of Crisis , will help guide you and your clients through these challenging times to a more optimistic future.

Take care of yourself, take care of others

Your next step is to visit Crisis to Confidence , where we’ve assembled the most essential tools to help you renew your focus on the future. These include lessons learned from past experience, proven practice management habits, and methods for making sure our minds and bodies are working at peak performance.

Help clients ride out volatility — with confidence

Staying the course is challenging in times of uncertainty. But, you’re in a unique position to help your clients get through this and come out stronger. Download our guide to help your clients put market downturns in perspective and stay focused on their long-term goals.

Has recent volatility been a wake-up call to some of your clients that it may be time to add a level of protection to their retirement portfolio? Talk to them about building a resilient portfolio that brings protection and growth into balance.

The bottom line? No matter what tomorrow brings, you can face it with confidence with the support and strength of Lincoln by your side.

Partner with us

To learn more about helping your clients plan for a more stable income retirement, contact your Lincoln representative today at 877-533-0265. And follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for regular insights and tips on retirement income planning conversations.

Timothy Seifert

Tim Seifert has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry and serves as Senior Vice President and Head of Annuity Sales for Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. (LFD), the wholesaling distribution organization for Lincoln Financial Group. In his role as Head of Annuity Sales, Tim leads the Center of Sales Development. He is focused on fostering consultative partnerships between wholesalers and financial professionals as they work with clients to solidify their financial futures and build portfolios based on their specific needs.