Lincoln ChoicePlusSM Suite

Saving and investing for retirement takes advance planning and the flexibility to adapt as investors needs and circumstances change over time.

Lincoln ChoicePlusSM variable annuities are long-term investment vehicles specifically designed for retirement savings. They offer features to help build the retirement plan that works best for investors.

Lincoln ChoicePlusSM variable annuities offer the following benefits.

Options for growth potential

Variable annuities have the potential to help investors meet their financial goals with options to customize retirement income and investment strategies. A Lincoln ChoicePlusSM variable annuity gives investors access to the Lincoln Elite Series of Funds, a selection of professionally managed investment options. Fund choices for asset classes and styles are available from some of the nation's top investment managers.

Guaranteed income for life

Investors choose how and when they want to receive income. Review our optional income distribution features for Lincoln ChoicePlusSM variable annuities. (These optional features may not be available on all products.)

Tax deferral

Assets that accumulate tax-deferred can offer greater growth potential over the long term. All withdrawals are subject to ordinary income taxes and, if taken before age 591/2, may be subject to an additional 10% federal tax.

Control and flexibility

Investors can align their contract with the investment options, withdrawals/income, optional benefits and level of risk.

Protection for your loved ones

Investors can select the level of protection for their beneficiaries. Multiple death benefit options are available.

Contact a financial professional to determine if a Lincoln ChoicePlusSM variable annuity is right for you.

Available products