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Run tax-deferred growth and income illustrations, and generate client proposals.

Indexed annuity calculator

This calculator illustrates protected and non-protected investment returns. Users can input hypothetical market scenarios for stocks and bonds and see how their portfolio could perform.

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Annuity Comparison Tool

Find the right solution for your client. It’s important to consider the impact of investment expense on returns. Compare Lincoln variable annuities with all other variable annuity solutions on the market.

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Lincoln AppAdvantage® Tool

The Lincoln AppAdvantage® Tool is an electronic way to easily submit annuity business. It increases "in good order" submissions, allows for e-signature and provides a more client-friendly experience. 

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Lincoln Fund Filtering Tool

Make investment selections with ease. Filter and compare options in the Lincoln Investor Advantage® or the Lincoln InvestmentSolutionsSM fund lineup by asset class, fund family and tax inefficiency. 

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