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Go from selling to sold
faster than ever before

Simplifying life for you and your clients

Providing a superior customer experience is important to us, so we’ve simplified the experience of purchasing Lincoln permanent life insurance and Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term policies — for all ages and face amounts — with LincXpress® Tele-App:

  • Electronic or paper ticket for the Lincoln fixed life insurance portfolio (Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term, UL, SUL, IUL, SIUL)
  • Paper ticket to sell the Lincoln variable universal life insurance portfolio

Save time and give your clients excellent customer service without having to manage their experience.

Step 1: Ticket Submission and Tele-App
  • Dedicated, in-house, Lincoln Tele-App team
  • eTicket and paper ticket available*
  • When a case is deemed “in good order,” an email will be sent to the client with a link to schedule their Tele-App interview. If no appointment is scheduled within 24-48 hours, Lincoln will call the client to schedule.
  • A phone interview, in English only, will be conducted with a dedicated Lincoln team member.
Step 2: Underwriting
  • Lincoln confirms client identification through Rx, MVR, and MIB query
  • Automated underwriting
    Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term
    Coverage amounts: $1 million or less
    Ages: 18–60
    Traditional underwriting
    Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term
    Coverage amounts: Over $1 million
    Ages: 61+
    Products: Lincoln UL/SUL, IUL/SIUL and VUL/SVUL
    Coverage amounts: All
    Ages: All

  • Based on information obtained from the Tele-App interview and query search, your client may qualify to have labs waived. If not, Lincoln will order lab work (physical measurements and fluid (blood/urine) exam).
Step 3: Policy Delivery
  • If approved, you choose how you want the policy delivered – eDelivery or Paper delivery

Benefits of eDelivery: 

  • provides same-day access for client delivery at no cost
  • 24/7 access to view policies
  • expedited compensation payouts 

*eTicket submission is not available with VUL.