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Marketing Materials

Client Guide

Share our Client Guide and Fact Sheet to show how term life insurance helps provide financial security.

Client Guide (PDF)

Term Advantages Flier

See how Lincoln TermAccel® Level Term offers competitive premiums and an easy application process for your middle-market clients.

Term Advantages Flier (PDF)

Tele-App Process and Presubmission Checklist

Lincoln TermAccel® insurance is the streamlined solution you and your clients need. Learn more in our Process Overview Flier.

Process Overview Flier (PDF)

Lincoln TermAccel® Underwriting Guide

Get the details about the streamlined underwriting process.

Lincoln TermAccel® Underwriting Guide (PDF)

Tele-App Interview Prep Guide

Help clients prepare for the Tele-App interview. Give them a copy of our tele-app Interview Worksheet.

Tele-App Interview Prep Guide (PDF)

For financial professional or broker use only. Not for use with the public.