Consultant service experience interview

One consultant shared his service experiences with Lincoln and discussed how our strong relationship helps lead to success.

How does Lincoln deliver on reliability?

I find Lincoln to be very responsive. Our communication is reliable, and I haven’t had an instance in which I couldn’t get a response in a timely manner. When working on RFPs, Lincoln replies quickly to any questions.

How do you use Lincoln technology?

I use the website for reporting. The client portal is easy to use, and it’s something that not everyone offers.

How do relationship managers (RM) complement your consulting services?

I like working together with the RM to do client meetings. I like to plan ahead with them so we can be a unified team. I strongly believe that preparation before client meetings is vital so that everyone is on the same page. It helps us come up with a great game plan and results in a better performance. Meetings are smooth because of the planning.

RMs keep me informed of their interactions with plan sponsors and the Lincoln team. If I can’t attend a meeting, RMs lead the meeting and give me an update. I feel informed about our communication and education plans, and I also communicate my plans for the client to Lincoln so that we can work together.

Lincoln RMs meet with me in the first quarter of every year to discuss each of my Lincoln clients. It’s an open conversation about what we want to accomplish for the year.

How does Lincoln make your job easier?

Lincoln relationship managers are focused on their clients, and these strong relationships make conversations easier. Lincoln RMs are responsive, dedicated, they follow through, and they don’t let anything fall through the cracks. Lincoln also takes feedback well. I can share my thoughts about how to improve the client relationship, and Lincoln will act on it.

I have a great relationship with the Lincoln Sales team. They will reach out to me if they think a plan would be right for my firm, just as I reach out to them if I have a plan sponsor who would be a good fit for Lincoln.

How about a success story?

A large school district consolidated from multiple vendors to one—Lincoln. Together, we ran an organized implementation that went smoothly. There were comprehensive participant communications, including one-on-one meetings, to help employees complete paperwork. Although the plan historically had low engagement, plan participation increased after the transition. Good communication and a high level of service can make a big difference.