Forms & claims

Help your clients find, complete and submit forms and claims for all their Lincoln policy needs. Simply download and send your clients the forms they need.


Life Insurance

Find forms to help your clients do everything from changing beneficiaries and addresses to filing claims.
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 Long-term Care

Find forms such as Assignment of Benefits, Care Provider Assessment and Medical Assessment to help simplify the process for your clients.
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Find forms to help your clients make deposits, set up automatic drafts and change their beneficiaries.
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Insurance Through Your Workplace

Find forms and claims for Insurance through your Workplace at , with easy central access for you and your client.

Retirement Plans

Log in or register for online access to forms. Once logged in you can help your clients manage their changing needs with forms for increasing contributions to changing investment options.


Life Insurance

Losing a loved can be overwhelming. Helping your clients file a claim makes things easier when it matters most.
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Annuity Claim

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. You can help simplify the process for your clients.
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The onset of a disability is the time to focus on health, not paperwork. You can to help your clients through the process. 
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Long-term Care

The need for Long-term Care and support services presents many challenges. You can help make your clients’ claims process as stress-free as possible.
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Group Insurance

Find all the information you need for Group Insurance claims.  We’ve got the information you need to get started.
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