Community giving

Our deep connection to the communities where we do business has been with us since our founding. Helping people improve their lives and contributing to strong, vital communities is intrinsic to our values and success.

Please note, at this time Lincoln Financial Foundation is not currently accepting any unsolicited grant applications.

Lincoln Financial Foundation supports:

Concord, New Hampshire

45 grants

Totaling $535,000 in 2018

14 donations

Employee donations matched

Fort Wayne, Indiana

88 grants

Totaling $2.3 million in 2018

130 donations

Employee donations matched

Greensboro, North Carolina

99 grants

Totaling $1.7 million in 2018

101 donations

Employee donations matched

Hartford, Connecticut

38 grants

Totaling $781,000 in 2018

43 donations

Employee donations matched

Omaha, Nebraska

50 grants

Totaling $818,600 in 2018

25 donations

Employee donations matched

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

72 grants

Totaling $2 million in 2018

114 donations

Employee donations matched