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Accident insurance

You can’t predict when an accident might happen. But with Lincoln Accident Insurance, you’ll have a cash benefit to help you take care of any additional expenses.

Coverage you need; support you deserve

If you have a covered accidental injury, we’ll send you a check. You decide how to spend it. You can keep your coverage, even if you leave your job or retire. And your coverage can never be cancelled as long as your premium is paid in full.

  • Cash benefits for more than 70 injury expenses and treatments, including emergency room visits, surgeries, fractures, lacerations and concussions
  • Coverage for multiple covered injuries from a single accident
  • No exclusions for pre-existing injuries

Additional assistance

Every Lincoln accident insurance plan comes with employee and travel assistance services that provide:

  • Access to telephone and online confidential guidance for personal matters if you suffer an accident
  • Travel planning and free emergency medical help when you travel more than 100 miles from home, for business or pleasure.

How accident insurance works

While jogging, Jack took a big spill. Here’s how his Lincoln accident insurance will help cover his costs:

Sample Benefit Statement*
Emergency room visit $150
Set broken leg $1,500
Dislocated wrist $500
Follow-up doctor's visits  
(3 visits,** $50/visit)
Total benefit received by Jack $2,300

* Example is the Choice Plan. Benefits can vary by state.

** Six-visit maximum.


Resources to help you explore your options

accident insurance
Accident Insurance

Cash benefits for covered accidental injuries.