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Critical illness

If a serious illness strikes, you don’t want to worry about paying your bills. That’s why Lincoln Critical Illness Insurance provides a cash benefit to help with extra expenses.

Coverage you need; support you deserve

You can use this benefit however you wish, and you’ll receive it even if you get benefits from other insurance.

  • A cash benefit when diagnosed with a critical illness, such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or ALS
  • Benefits for multiple and recurring illnesses
  • Cash benefits for specific expenses, such as child care and covered medical tests

You can keep this coverage even if you retire or change jobs.

Wellness and recovery services

With Lincoln Critical Illness Insurance, you get more than money. You also have access to a full selection of services to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Critical illness assessments

Each year, you can use a cash benefit toward one of 24 covered health assessment tests, such as chest x-rays or mammograms.

Personal health advocate

An expert advocate directs you through the healthcare maze. You can use this service at any time, not just during a critical illness. Get help with appointments, second opinions, rehabilitation services and insurance coordination.

Child Care Expense Benefit

Receive a benefit of $25 a day per child for up to 30 days of child-care expenses if you’re hospitalized due to a critical illness.

Travel Assistance

Get help arranging travel and lodging for out-of-town care (100 or more miles from home). Many travel assistance services are available at any time, not just during a critical illness.

Support Services

Get referrals to community resources and support groups, as well as phone counseling for a variety of issues.

How can you use critical illness cash benefits?

You can use critical illness cash benefits however you want. Use your benefits to take care of your deductibles and copays.  Pay your mortgage, car payments or bills. Or save it for a get-well celebration. It’s up to you.

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Critical illness insurance

Cash benefits for covered critical illnesses.