Why dependable income?

Help your clients start retirement knowing they’ll have more dependable income to help maintain their lifestyle. By allocating a portion of retirement assets to a guaranteed income strategy, clients can feel more confident about handling life’s surprises.


More certainty with diverse streams of income

In a world where many investments may feel less certain, you can help clients add more reliability to their portfolios through an annuity with optional guaranteed lifetime income for an additional cost. Today, with lower yields coming from fixed income vehicles, a safe withdrawal rate may be too low for clients to comfortably maintain their lifestyle. But drawing more income from investments may mean they risk running out of money too early. That’s why it may be valuable to plan for diverse streams of income in retirement.

Greater certainty alongside opportunity

As your clients face longer retirements, help give them the power of knowing they’ll have an income strategy that provides both the opportunity for growth as well as a source of reliable income. Lincoln annuities offer a diversified lineup of investment options, enabling you to help clients build income for the future. 

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