Client conversations

Diversifying a retirement income plan with a source of reliable income can help meet clients’ financial and emotional need for predictability in retirement. Yet clients may not immediately see how annuities may fit into their portfolios.



Building a powerful conversation

Clients understand the value of certainty. You can help them understand the value of annuities, too.

To make the connection for clients, try sharing the following:

Dependable income can give them the “power of knowing.” With an annuity with guaranteed lifetime income, clients will have the power of knowing they’ll have a reliable source of income to help them maintain their lifestyle in retirement.

Income plans benefit from diversification, too. Just as other parts of their portfolio benefit from diversification against risk, retirement income may come from multiple sources such as Social Security, investments, and potentially annuities.

Annuities may provide a known source of income. When clients invest in an annuity with guaranteed lifetime income, they set themselves up to have a source of known income. They’ll be paid every month or year starting at their target age—and continuing for as long as they live.

Adding dependable income is about their lifestyle. At its core, building a retirement income plan is about maintaining the lifestyle they’re used to after the paychecks have stopped.

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