Think Lincoln for small-business retirement plans

You’ve got priorities when it comes to your practice: expand your book of business and offer the best solutions to meet your clients’ needs.

When you recommend Lincoln as your clients’ retirement plan provider, you get a partner who understands those priorities and works closely with you to meet them. With 60+ years of retirement market expertise, we know where your opportunities lie. We take a high-touch approach to our partnership, bringing together the right people, processes, technology and education to help you deliver solutions that make an impact for small businesses.

Retirement plans for small businesses

Assets in defined contribution plans like 401(k)s have grown faster than any other type of employer-sponsored retirement plan over the past three decades.1 A big opportunity in this market starts with small businesses.

The small-business opportunity

  • They’re ready to talk about benefits

Owners understand the value of offering benefits like 401(k) plans, both for their employees and their business: 58% of surveyed small-business owners said they want to start or expand their employee benefits plan.2

  • They want a competitive offering

65% of small-business owners want a benefits program that helps them stay competitive,3 and retirement plans are an essential recruitment and retention tool for prospective employees and current top talent.

A smart move for your practice

Learn more about why you can be confident doing retirement plan business  here. (PDF)

12017 Investment Company Fact Book, 57th Edition, Investment Company Institute.
2CEB Research 2013–2015, “Lincoln Financial Survey of Small Business Owners,” June 2016, n=1,007 N.A.

Why work with Lincoln?

Lincoln collaborates with you to design the right retirement benefit—one that helps small-business owners meet their goals and positions employees to save more. 

We couple our team's expertise with personalized service. We tailor each solution to support distinct business needs. And we deliver innovative technology to help plan sponsors and their employees make the most of their retirement benefit. This high-touch approach brings a high-impact result: the confidence that you, your clients and their employees will get what you need from the plan when and how you need it. This is how we do it:

    Innovative technology

  • Customized secure plan sponsor website provides essential plan details at a glance, 24/7, from a desktop, tablet or smartphone

  • Plan Health Dashboard delivers real-time data and reporting on the plan's performance

  • Personalized participant website features simplified online enrollment, along with one-click contributions and auto-increases, to encourage active involvement in the plan and help increase savings rates

      Personal touch

  • Dedicated, responsive account management team provides the expertise and guidance you need and works directly with your clients and their employees to service the plan
  • Personalized retirement plan guidance encourages employee participation

      Retirement expertise

  • Access to 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services helps plan sponsors with their legal responsibilities
  • Custom and predesigned investment lineups flex to fit workforce demographics
  • Professionally managed accounts aim to protect participants’ retirement assets in changing markets
  • Annual plan reviews help the plan stay on track to meet its goals


  • Benchmarking tools and services give sponsors an understanding of plan details, like costs, participation, trends and comparison to industry peers
  • Fiduciary services and checklists, along with fee transparency support, help ensure the plan meets legal requirements

Positive results

One of the best ways to build your retirement business is by working with a provider like Lincoln, who not only delivers results but creates a positive experience in the process.

Lincoln and our partners consistently exceed plan sponsors’ expectations when it comes to implementing their plan. Read what plan sponsors have to say about their experience with us  here. (PDF)

Help clients engage their employees

Retirement planning tools to engage participants

At Lincoln, we believe planning is the key to retirement. When your clients share our online retirement tools and calculators, they’re encouraging participants to take an active approach to retirement readiness.

Calculators and planning resources:

  • Cost of delay planner—shows participants how much they may have for retirement if they start saving today
  • Small change, big savings planner—displays the impact small savings can have on building retirement assets
  • Debt planner—helps participants create a debt repayment plan
  • Contribution planner—illustrates how much a 2% increase can impact a participant’s paycheck and savings
  • Retirement planner—helps participants determine if they are on track to meet retirement savings goals