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Today's proactive retirement consultants and advisors seek industry research and insights to help power a better retirement outcome for participants. We’re pleased to share the insights we’ve learned through our deep experience in the retirement industry and also from experience of industry experts. 

Retirement plan sponsors in healthcare
Use insights from Lincoln research to deliver a better experience to plan sponsors in the healthcare market. Read more.

Retirement readiness


The Lincoln Retirement Power® Gender Report explores how men and women engage differently with their plans. Help drive better outcomes by serving the distinct preferences and styles of each gender.
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Organization type impacts participants

See how employer type—non-profit, government or for-profit—affects participant behavior and how you can use these insights to promote positive actions.
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Motivate participants to take positive actions

Findings from the 2015 Lincoln Retirement Power® Participant Engagement Study can help. Read more.

Instinctive decision-making hurts retirement readiness

The Lincoln Retirement Power® Participant Engagement Study reveals how the increase in instinctive decision-makers can affect retirement outcomes—and how to motivate them.
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How organization size impacts participants

Learn what employer size reveals about participant attitudes — and the implications for motivating positive behaviors. Read more.

Engage healthcare employees

Learn the significant characteristics of participants in the healthcare industry—and how you can use these attributes to focus your engagement efforts. Read more.

Secrets of Successful Participants

One in five participants feels well-prepared for retirement, according to a national study by Lincoln. What's the difference between them and participants who don’t feel that way? Our study examined these differences. Read more.

Meet healthcare workers' needs

Optimize retirement plan design and communications programs to meet  healthcare workers' unique needs. Read more.

Engaging Latino-American participants in Retirement Saving & retirement planning

In this study, we look closely at the attitudes of Latino-Americans toward finances, family, and the future and examine the opportunities to increase this group's retirement plan engagement and savings.
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In this analysis of the Lincoln Retirement Power® Participant Engagement Study, we look at the similarities and differences among Asian-American, African-American, Hispanic-American and Caucasian retirement plan participants.
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Plan health

Featured Insight: Morningstar® on building better investment menus

A good retirement plan lineup can positively shape participant investment decision-making. Morningstar's Jeremy Stempien shares his thoughts on creating better investment lineups for employer-sponsored retirement plans. ​Read more.

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Keeping 457(b) Governmental plans on track

Set up properly, governmental 457(b) plans can be straightforward and flexible. However, many plan sponsors make the mistake of adding multiple providers, which can lead to higher costs and fragmented communication. 
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Implementing an education policy statement 

An Education Policy Statement that organizes priorities, defines goals and articulates strategy makes it easier to create an effective participant communication and education (C&E) program. 
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Stable Value

FEATURED INSIGHT: Lincoln Stable Value vs. money market funds

Compare the features and benefits of Lincoln Stable Value investments and money market mutual funds. Read more.

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Understanding stable value options

You’re looking for investments that offer stability, liquidity, yield, and principal protection. Understand the differences among your stable value options. Read more.