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Long-term care planning

Protect your wealth and your loved ones

You’ve worked hard to take charge of your future and build a strong financial plan. Yet, with more people living longer and surviving illnesses and accidents, one event could put your financial security at risk.

Americans are living longer

By 2030 the number of people in the United States age 65 and older is expected to reach 72 million, or 20% of the population, up from 40 million and 13% in 2010.1 The longer you live, the more likely you will need healthcare services.

Many people believe that Medicare and the Affordable Care Act cover costs related to long-term care, but they don’t. Also, people underestimate the cost of healthcare, which continues to rise. Today, the national average annual cost for a private room in a licensed nursing facility is $97,612.2 In 30 years, the same stay will deplete retirement savings by nearly $319,000 annually.3

Protection from the unexpected

The high medical costs of an unexpected illness, accident or age- related conditions could put you and your assets in jeopardy and your loved ones in a difficult position. Long-term care funding helps protect your hard-earned savings while easing the burden on your loved ones.

It also gives you greater control over where and how you receive care. With this affordable product, you can rest assured your retirement savings and assets are secure and you have a say in your preference of care, without burdening your family.

Lincoln MoneyGuard® solutions

Lincoln MoneyGuard® products provide flexibility to prepare for the future and the affordability to fit your financial plan. Take advantage of the benefit available with this policy, even if you never need care, as long as your premiums are paid.

Approximately 70% of people turning age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care during their lives.4

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