Lincoln Core Capital SM

A fee-only fixed indexed annuity for capital preservation and tax-deferred growth linked to market performance. 

A bond alternative that offers higher return potential than traditional deposit accounts.

Product information:

Product Fact Sheet (PDF)
Client Guide (PDF)
Rate Sheet (PDF)

Advisor Guide

Notice to Michigan Advisors Only: Advisors using the Core Capital Fixed Annuity in Michigan must also have either a Michigan Life, Accident & Health License or a Michigan Counselors License. This does not apply to the Variable Annuity Products. 

Product performance:

Offers tax-deferred growth strategies linked to S&P 500 Index performance

Performance Triggered Account

  • If the Index has a positive change or remains flat over the year, at the end of the year, the account is credited a specified rate.
  • If the Index is negative, the account earns 0%. There is no loss of principal or gains from previous periods.

1-Year Point-to-Point Indexed Account

  • The value of the Index at the end of the year is compared to its value at the beginning of the year.
  • If the percentage change is positive, the account will earn the percentage change, up to a cap.
  • If the Index is negative or flat, the account earns 0%. There is no loss of principal or gains from previous periods.

Fixed Account

  • A guaranteed rate of growth not tied to market performance
  • The rate is guaranteed for 5 years; afterwards renewal rates are declared annually.
  • Interest is credited and compounded daily.

Optional income benefit riders available with
Lincoln Core CapitalSM

Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSM Edge 2.0

At issue date or any contract anniversary date, your clients can add Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSM Edge 2.0 for a future income stream that can increase over time.


Guaranteed growth for future income   7% guaranteed growth - no matter how the market performs. Your client's Income Base will increase by a 7% enhancement percentage each year that they delay taking income.
Nursing home enhancement Withdrawal rate will automatically increase to 10% of your client’s income base2
Joint life option Single and joint life contracts available
Cost An additional 0.95%

1In order to qualify for the nursing home enhancement, you must be 65, you cannot be in a nursing home the year prior to rider election or for five years after, you must have a minimum 90-consecutive day stay and your account value must be greater than zero. With joint life, the first person to qualify and file would receive the enhancement. Not available in all states.

i4LIFE® Indexed Advantage

i4LIFE® Indexed Advantage provides a known source of lifetime income that helps clients manage taxes and their retirement. This optional feature delivers immediate, tax-efficient income. 


Protected income for life i4LIFE payments will never be less than the guaranteed amount and will continue for the rest of your life, beginning within 12 months of purchase.
Tax efficiency  A portion of every i4LIFE payment is tax-free until the total amount of premium is returned. 
Joint life option Single and joint life options available
Cost An additional charge of 0.95% (2.00% maximum)

A fixed indexed annuity is intended for retirement or other long-term needs. It is intended for a person who has sufficient cash or other liquid assets for living expenses and other unexpected emergencies, such as medical expenses. A fixed indexed annuity is not a registered security or stock market investment and does not directly participate in any stock or equity investments, or index. The index used is a price index and does not reflect dividends paid on the underlying stocks.