Dad and son on camping trip.

Accident insurance

You can’t predict when an accident might happen. But with Lincoln Accident Insurance, you’ll have a cash benefit to help you take care of any additional expenses.

Benefits paid directly to you

  • If you have a covered accidental injury, we’ll send you a check. You decide how to spend it.
  • Cash benefits cover a full range of injury expenses and treatments, including emergency room visits, surgeries, fractures, lacerations, and more.
  • Coverage provided for multiple covered injuries from a single accident.
  • Benefits are focused on the family, safety and accident prevention.
  • No exclusions for pre-existing injuries.
  • No medical questions are required to receive coverage.

How accident coverage works

While jogging, Jack took a big spill and broke his lower leg. Here’s how his Lincoln accident insurance will help him cover his costs:

Sample Benefit Statement*
Ambulance $225
Trip to ER $150
Major diagnostic exam $150
Surgery on broken lower leg $3,500
Hospital admission $1,000
Hospital confinement $600 ($200 x 3 days)
Crutches $75
Follow-up doctor’s visits $150 ($75 x 2 visits)
Physical therapy visits $210 ($35 x 6 visits)



* Assumes medium module benefits.