Democrats and Republicans agree?

Our 2016 M.O.O.D. of America Survey found a topic on which Democrats and Republicans can agree. Retirement anxiety isn’t a partisan issue—it affects all Americans.

Democrats and Republicans share anxiety about retirement

Democrats and Republicans may be polarized about many things, but when it comes to retirement planning, they tend to agree. They want to save enough so they don’t have to work in retirement, but they lack confidence and feel overwhelmed. The good news is that members of both parties want to plan for their financial futures. They just need a little help. 


Explore how Democrats and Republicans bridge the divide when it comes to their feelings about retirement planning.

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piggy retirement


Find out how Americans define financial wellness and what they’re doing to achieve it.

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Political alignment

Retirement Plan Services President Jamie Ohl shares her perspectives on the survey data and what we can do to help both parties better prepare for retirement.