Life is what you make it

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What are living benefits?

You’re successful. You have high expectations for yourself and big dreams for your loved ones. You know that life is what you make it. Therefore, the decisions you make today will affect your life tomorrow.
To reach your goals, you need to explore all your options. That’s why it might surprise you to discover that when it comes to your portfolio, there’s a strategy to generate income that often goes overlooked — a flexible life insurance policy.
Many people think of life insurance only in terms of protecting loved ones. However, the right plan can also provide potential living benefits that can help you do more during your lifetime — and sets the course for a more comfortable retirement. After all, it’s called “life” insurance for a reason.

Life insurance that benefits your life

Living benefits for the life you lead

An accumulation indexed universal life policy (IUL) provides cash value growth opportunities designed to help you increase your wealth. This tax-efficient resource can make it easier to live the life you want today and through retirement.


Your income

Business planning strategies using indexed universal life policies (IUL) can provide powerful incentives for attracting, rewarding, and recruiting top talent.


Your business

Adding long-term care coverage or chronic illness coverage to a permanent life policy can give you that extra layer of financial protection in case you ever need nursing home or other types of medical services during your later years.


Your healthcare

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Boosting your income opportunities

Life never stands still. You try to strike the right balance between achieving your goals today, with an eye out for living the retirement you always envisioned.
By adding an accumulation indexed universal life insurance policy to your portfolio, you’re giving yourself the growth potential to increase your wealth over time. And you’re doing it strategically, enabling you to access cash value in a way that’s tax-efficient and won’t impact your tax bracket.*
So, whether you’re looking to purchase that vacation home or want to feel more secure about your retirement income, life insurance can add some much-needed financial flexibility to your life.

Fueling your dreams for retirement

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Portfolio growth potential

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Downside protection from market losses

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Supplement your retirement income*

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Strategic tax advantages

How do you attract, reward and retain key employees?

Recruit. Retain. Relax.

In a tightening job market, it’s more difficult to attract and retain the top talent your business relies on for success. Life insurance can be used to fund strategies that attract and retain top talent or reward key employees for exceptional performance. These strategies can provide meaningful supplemental retirement income for owners and selected employees.*
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Attract, reward and retain
key employees

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Supplemental retirement income for owners and select employees*

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Balance sheet friendly

Preparing for life’s “what ifs”

Good health. An active lifestyle. Enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of hard work. That’s what you deserve during your retirement.

However, when it comes to your health it’s important to plan for the unexpected. And that’s where adding a long-term care coverage rider to a life insurance policy can provide peace of mind.** It also eases the concerns that your family may face for your well-being down the road.

As people live longer and medical expenses continue to rise, long-term care coverage provides an extra layer of financial protection for your future.

Long-term coverage by the numbers

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of Americans turning 65 will need long-term care.1

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The annual bill for a private room in a skilled nursing facility.2

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Only 1/3

of Americans feel confident they can pay for long-term care.2

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think their spouse will provide their long-term care.2

1 Department of Health & Human Services, “Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Americans: Risks and Financing,” ASPE Issue Brief,, revised February 2016, page 1.

2 Versta Research, “2017 LTC Marketing and Thought Leadership Research, Findings from Surveys of Advisors and Consumers,” file/2017_Long-Term_Care_Thought_Leadership_Research_Source_Deck.pdf, February 2018.

Take the next step for your future. Get ready to talk about your long-term care plans.

Add some "life" to your portfolio

The many benefits of living benefits:

  • Cash value growth opportunities to help you increase your wealth — so you can do the things you want in your future
  • Fund strategies to help protect and grow your business
  • A tax-efficient financial resource — to use throughout your life or to boost your retirement income *
  • An extra layer of protection for your future — with long-term care expense protection and chronic illness protection options
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