Fill this out and share your thoughts with them.

1. Is long-term care expense planning currently a part of your retirement plan?
2. When you think about your overall goals, do you plan to completely spend down your assets?
3. Do you have a good understanding of the costs of different types of caregiving services in your area,
such as skilled nursing home care, assisted living, and in-home care?
4. If you needed care, on the very first day, where would the money come from?
Which assets would you sell first?
5. Would you want a family member to be your caregiver in any capacity?
6. If you would ever need care, what would your family be prepared to do physically and financially?
Are they aware and feel comfortable that this is your plan?
Are they willing to sacrifice time to provide assistance?
7. Would you be interested in a long-term care solution with premiums that remain constant and not
increase in the future?
8. Would you be interested in a long-term care solution that provides other benefits if you never need care?